Photography Exhibition – Context, Gravity, Expressions Around Dar


Alliance Francaise hosted the ‘Context, Gravity, Expressions’ photography exhibition, from 15th to 30th September. The photography exhibition was the first of its kind collaboration between Tanzanian photographer, Nicholas Calvin and Belgian radio producer, vocalist and composer, Aurélie Lierman.

The exhibition displayed a range of bright, interactive pictures displaying movements and extrovert experiences. A picture that photographed silhouettes of young boys diving in the ocean displayed at the exhibition, aptly depicted emotions of exuberance and freedom. While a picture of man, draped in a blanket, captured in shades of greys, added a touch of mystery and melancholy to the image.

In order to get more details about the exhibition, WHiD spoke to Nicholas Calvin. Giving away background details about the exhibition, Nicholas said, “The Exhibition project at Alliance was suggested by a friend of mine, Anoek De Smet. I had been sharing my photographs with her for a while, mostly via Facebook, and she encouraged me to go ahead and display my photographs for wider audiences to see.”

Speaking about the idea to collaborate with Aurélie, to add an element of sound to his exhibition, Nicholas said, “When the idea of doing an exhibition came in, I was very excited. Somewhere along the line of discussing about the exhibition came an idea of having a short video and a photo slide as well, as a part of the exhibition. We needed sound for that, and contacted a mutual friend in Belgium, Aurélie Lierman. I had met Aurélie four years ago when she visited the University of Dar es Salaam, and we planned to work together. However, we did not have any project for a while until this came about. So, that is how we decided to work as a team and Aurélie made the sound for the slide and the video.”
Talking about the success of the exhibition, Nicholas said, “The exhibition went well, had a good turnout and we received a lot of constructive feedback as well.”

Nicholas Calvin M.-3913Contact:
Nicholas Calvin
Phone: +255754020096
Instagram: nicholascalv
Aurélie Lierman
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