The Power Of  HipHop Around Dar

The right of all eligible citizens to participate in the affairs of government is one of the cornerstones of democracy in any country. Perhaps the most fundamental and active form of democracy is voting in free, fair and regular elections.

The JITOKEZE 2015 project took place across Dar es Salaam from June and August 2015 and was led by the graffiti artist known as LOCAL. The project has shown the power of art and how it can be used as an effective tool in society by promoting the fundamental rights of every eligible Tanzanian on the importance of voting. In fact the overall goal of the project was to stimulate and increase public awareness and democratic participation by actively taking part in the upcoming General Elections in October 2015.

Due to persistent low voter turnout in past elections, the JITOKEZE 2015 project focused on informing the younger generation on the importance of making use of the right to vote. The project mainly focused on delivering non-party political and positive messages through graffiti as it is a visual language related to by many of today’s young people. Graffiti’s strong links Hip Hop culture enabled LOCAL to use it as a tool for educational messaging and raise awareness of voting. The project was fully funded by the Dar es Salaam office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.


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